Anastasia Teper

Studio 317


Anastasia Teper is originally from a small Russian town, with a gypsy heritage, rich in color and stories. She has traveled extensively up until the age of 14 when she moved to Brooklyn, New York. Since then most of Anastasia’s time goes into making art as well as finding new themes for ongoing creative work. Anastasia’s themes always change as people and lives usually do, always trying to advance, adapt, find new truths and revelations-all in all, to lastly find a new self. 

“My present creative theme is about “re-thinking” modern imagery of women, of things we as a culture consider attractive and beautiful. I use the already produced mass media imagery of women and re-work it in different ways, trying to see if I can get more out of the image than just beautiful. I, initially create a simple collage using simple materials such as photos, newspaper articles, etc. then I rework the image with additional materials, including thread, metal, string, burlap, acrylic and/or oil paint, making the work more than just flat, giving it a new type of life, energy and lastly, meaning”

-A. Teper